My Bio


Hello, my name is Irma Blanco.  I have been talking, informing, entertaining and laughing on the radio for more than 24 years.

I’ve worked all over the country and spend my mornings with a variety of amazing radio men.  Along the way I developed a great relationship with my sales teams and clients.  I was always the go-to favorite.  Whether I was single or married or a mom… I was the trusted voice for the listeners.

I successfully endorsed clients like McDonalds, Microsoft Office, Bing, Albertsons, Chevy, HBO, Secret, Chase Bank, Honda, E!, 1800-Dentist, MGD and Baileys.  

I take direction well and get the message across to the consumer.  You can trust me to give 100% with a young, friendly, warm and trusted voice – in English and Spanish.